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Re: vajHom

I'm not going to answer the whole question, because there are aspects of it 
that I should leave to the BG.  I'm just going to throw in my interpretation.

The best translation I can think of for vajHom would be "squire" -- in its 
historical meaning of assistant and apprentice to a knight.  It could refer 
to anyone who was like a warrior, but it some way less important, or less 
significant.  The mini-me version of a warrior, if you've seen Austin Powers.

The old postal course (from about 1996) had some errors in this, 
translating ghopHomDu' as "little hands" when cillia or stumps or feelers 
might be more appropriate.

But I wouldn't argue too much with your friend if he wants to use that as a 
name.    Names are names, and it's best to smile and nod.  It's easier to 
get someone to learn Klingon if you don't start by telling them they're wrong.

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