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RE: star trek movies, klingon dialoges

> nuq vI-neH:

Sense you proceed to explain what it is you want, I believe this is a
rhetorical question.
It is acceptable to just start with the sentence you wrote below.

Also, you don't need the - in there.

> does anyone knows where to find text copies of klingon dialoges
> spoken in the star trek movies?
> nuq-Daq Sam-lu' tlhlIngan Hol QIch?

Basic word order is Object-Verb-Subject.  The "speech" is what's being
found; it's not doing the finding.
nuqDaq tlhIngan Hol QIch Samlu'?

The back issues of HolQeD has the dialoges.

> sa-tlho'-neS

Saying "thank you" AND adding -neS... very human.  If you say this for some
text, what would you say when I save your first-born from an unhonorable

DloraH, BG

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