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> > Even better is to simplify the idea further to:
> >
> >    tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmey DaQIjchu'ta'.
> >    You have explained Klingon sentences perfectly.
> Yeah, but I wanted to specify that of all the explanations I had heard so
> far, this was the easiest for me to understand...
> tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmey DaQIjchu'ta'. vIyajchoH
> (Does that imply that I understand the previous sentance, or the
> subject of conversation?)

I read it as you now understand the tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmey being

> Can I use -moH here??? ie:
> choyajchoHmoH
> you cause me to now understand...(I couldn't see how else to interpret
> this grouping: You understand me, cause to..(change or 'now')

It works.  You did it correctly.

DloraH, BG

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