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RE: star trek card translation

mughwI' vISovbe' 'ach Sov "Decipher".

In the booklet which comes with the Fajo Collection it says that
Decipher wanted to translate the whole Premium Series of the Star Trek
CCG into Klingon, but they didn't have the words to describe a lot of
the cards. So they settled with just one card in Klingon, the Qapla'

Unfortunately I don't have the complete collection, or the booklet that
goes with it. It might have said who the translator is. I read it when I
friend showed it to me a number of years back.

I know people who have close contacts to Decipher, and I might be able
to find out the translator if people want me to?


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> Subject: RE: star trek card translation
>  > The card is used during a battle and allows all Klingon >
> which have honour (not all Klingon character > cards have it) to add
>  > integrity (One of the 3 main attributes) to their
>  > strength attribute,
>  > making them stronger and more likely to win the battle.
>  >
>  > They have used the word "ethics" for the attribute
>  > integrity.
> vaj po' mughwI'.  qechmey muchchu'ta'.  pat DaDelpu'bogh QIjbej
> mu'mey.  navHomvetlh Qu' yajlaHchu' tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh QujwI'.
> 'Iv?

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