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cha'DIch KLBC rI'

nuqneH tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu'!
ghomvam jImuvta' cha' Hu', 'ej tlhIngan Hol vIghoj vIneHbej.
*TKD '92* vIghaj 'ej nuq lI' law' Hoch jaq puS vISov vIneH DuvMeH.
jabbI'IDmeylIj vIlaDmeH jIniDvIS jItIv'egh, 'ej jabbI'IDmeywIj vIghItlhchoH je vIneH.
batlh Vlodnak'e', lughbe'pe' pabDaj ('e' nuja' DloraH), 'ach laDlaHta'ghach law' jatlhwI'pu' 'Itlh laDlaHghach puS, vIrI'.

Hello Klingon language speakers!
I joined this list two days ago [couldn't find 'recently'] and am eager to learn the Klingon Language.
I have a TKD '92 and would like to know which resource is best to move on to.
[- This is what I wanted to say; in actuality, the second half of that sentence is supposed to be '... know what is most useful for advancing'. Is there a better way to express this?]
I enjoy attempting to read your messages and would like to start writing my own too.
Particular greetings to Vlodnak, who, though his grammar was off (as pointed out by DloraH), was more readable to me than the advanced speakers.
[- Yes, I translate liberally. Feel free to take a large stick to that sentence - it stems from too much English to Latin translation.]

'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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