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RE: Wales-vo' jIcheghpu'

> HuDHom 'oH pIghvam Daq.

You've spent some time in the Morskan region, haven't you?
You forgot the -'e'.

> pIghDaq Dochmey law' leghlaHlu'.

-laH and -lu' are both type 5 suffixes.

> naghvam Hotlu'laHbe', 'ach naghmey HochHom Hotlu'laH.

Again, two type 5 suffixes.
Plus with HochHom coming after naghmey, your not refering to the number of
stones, but rather how much of each stone can be touched.  Most of the stone
can be touched, but not all of it, because some of it is against the ground
and you can't reach down there.

DloraH, BG

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