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This is again a call for a qepHom!
      "No, sorry, not for me; I don't speak klingon very well."

This is not an excuse for your absence, it's a reason for your presence!!
If you don't learn klingon at a qepHom, where do you think you do?

I am organizing a qepHom in Saarbrücken, Germany.
There is at least 10 people that I know of willing to attend. Most of them are from Germany, but all 

   The qepHom takes place in a youth hostel in Saarbrücken (7° East, ca. 50° North), Germany.
It can easily be reached by car, train (even ICE) and plane.
   Costs will range around 30 Euro a day, maybe it can go down a little, so if we do it from friday 
till sunday, it's maximum 60 Euro - all inclusive:
- Bedroom
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Conference Room
(if someone needs to arrive a day early, I can offer a little space in my appartment)

qepHom starts on Friday, ends on Sunday.

has changed: it's more likely to take place in the middle of november 2002
Any suggestions are welcome, but we can't adapt to everybody's plans.

Just give me a short note, that you might be "interested" in attending.

THIS IS NOT A REGISTRATION, just an unofficial information, to see how many could attend.

Lieven L. Litaer
Quvar valer

vImughnISbe'. DIvI' Hol jatlh Hoch.
Dat moet ik nou toch niet alles vertalen.
Das brauche ich jetzt nicht zu übersetzen.
Je pense qu'il ne faut pas que je traduise.
Creo que no tengo que traducir eso.

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