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Re: ST: Insurection

naHQun asks:
>In Star Trek:  Inserection, Worf gives us the words for both a Klingon 
>pimple, and a word that Picard says roughly translates into 'puberty'.
>Do any of ya'll know what it was exactly that Michael Dorn said (or was 
>trying to say)?

WORF: "Accelerated hair growth is often experienced by Klingons during 

PICARD: "Roughly translated 'puberty'. Although for a Klingon, that 
scarcely does it justice."

Klingons also experience severe mood swings, unusual aggressive tendencies 
and the occasional *gorch* [pimple]. Worf also had the odd craving for the 
blood of a live *kolarr* beast. (ST: Insurrection)

(N.B. These are not Okrandian tlhIngan Hol words, but what we on the list 
call "Paramount Hol".)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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