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qep'a' plans

It is time to get an idea of when people are flying in and/or otherwise
arriving at the hotel on Wednesday. In some (likely rare) cases, it might
be possible to pick you up from the airport.

Barring that, a company called Tropiano provides transportation every 30
minutes (or so) from the airport to the hotel. It's about a 45 minute trip
and the cost is $20 cash one way (more, I believe, if you want to use a
credit card), or you can buy a round trip voucher from the driver which
will save you $5 on your return trip. Reservations are required. They can
be reached at 800-559-2040.

As for me, I expect to be onsite by 1pm, if not before.

On an unrelated note, we will have at least one major network coming by to
flim. A crew from CBS's THE EARLY SHOW will be most likely be with us all
day on Thursday. Those of you with Quch HIp je might keep this in mind when
selecting your attire for that first day. They look forward to our singing,
and have also expressed an interest in observing Klingon scrabble (so I
hope someone brings a set).


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