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chan-tIng-'ev vs. mao-wei-hai

In a message dated 2002-07-26 2:09:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> 12 is in the direction of 'ev?
> Does 1 point north?
yes, the first earthly branch is due north, and the 12 branches divide the 
circle into 12 even sections, so although i didn't round it off, 8 and 12 
still don't quite coincide with tIng and 'ev.  

> I'm sure you simply rounded these off to the nearest "branch", but for those 
> that are not familiar with the klingon, the three sections of chan-'ev-tIng 
> are 
> not equal in size.  The 'ev-tIng section is slightly smaller than the other 
> two.  

i had forgotten the disparate size of the 'ev-tIng section.  
china is the middle kingdom in chinese.  it's sometimes seen that way in 
english, too.  

thanks for correcting my mistakes.  alas, the original question remains:  has 
anyone mentioned the earthly branches here before in relation to the klingon 

lay'tel SIvten

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