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RE: KLBC: Paul Simon

>  > >  > QoQ Qat qontaH 'ej muchtaH.
>>  >  > He sings and composes pop music.
>>  >
>>  >I don't think the -taH is right here.  He may have been doing it for
>>  >but he does sleep and eat, etc.
>>  everything has it's "pulsing" rhythm (-> /rut/ ?). it's important
>>  that that rhythm isn't interrupted (-> /-taH/ ?).
>>  for example, when i write this e-mail, i write it continiously, even
>>  if i from time to time watch the clock or scratch my head.
>True; but if you leave your computer, go shopping, eat dinner, go to sleep,
>the next morning go to work, then come back to your computer to finish the
>message, I don't think -taH is the best choice.

yes. maybe it's only continious if i remain seated at the computer 
(i.e. there, where i write the e-mail).

>His singing and composing has longer breaks than looking at the clock and
>scratching his head.

if composing is only the action of writing down what you have in 
mind, then he has breaks. if composing texts is reflecting about the 
world you live in, then you are always composing as long as no one 
distracts you.

>  > >  > waghqu' *concert*vamDaq quSmey.
>>  >  > The seats [tickets] at this concert are very expensive.
>>  >
>>  >What's being expensive?  The "seats at the concert"?  Nouns with a type 5
>>  >suffix can't modify a noun; so as a locative it should go before
>>  >the verb.
>>  is it because a word ending in "-Daq" acts like a header?
>It's because TKD p31 (sec 3.4) says "...only the second noun can take
>syntactic suffixes (type 5)..."
>DloraH, BG

do you say this as DloraH or as BG? i mean, of course tkd is the 
basis, but can't we try to do some gramatical philosophy about the 

seemingly the /-Daq/ glues more than the a noun-noun combination.

but that's not that important.


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