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nuqawmoHmeH lab Voragh:

:   "To express the idea of 'too much gagh' or 'too many
:tribbles,' the verb {'Iq} 'be too many, be too much'
:is :used adjectivally. For example: {yIHmey 'Iq vIlegh}
:'I see too many tribbles'. {qagh 'Iq vISop} 'I eat
:too much gagh'. Sometimes, the word {law'qu'} 'be very many'
:(formed from {law'} 'be many' plus {qu'}, the emphatic suffix)
:is translated 'be too many.' If the context is clear, this
:is acceptable, but if it important to stress the idea of
:'overly many, overly much, more than there ought to be,'
:{tlhoy} or {'Iq} is usually employed."

muSIvmoH De'vam:
tay'laHbej wot {law'} mojaq {-qu'} je.
'ach tay'laH'a' wot {'Iq} mojaq {-qu'} je?
DuH'a' mu'tlheghmeyvam?

Using {-qu'} on {law'} seems logical. Using {-qu'} to further emphacize 
{'Iq} seems excessive {{:-), but don't you think it might sometimes work? 
What's your view of the following:

1a/ SoHmo' 'Iq SengwIj.
    [You cause me too much trouble.]

1b/ SoHmo' 'Iqqu' SengwIj.
    [You cause me far too much trouble.]
    [You do cause me far too much trouble.]

1c/ SoHmo' 'Iqqu'bej SengwIj.
    [You certainly do cause me far too much trouble.]

2a/ naDev nov 'Iq (lu)tu'lu'.
    [There are too many outsiders here.]

2b/ naDev nov 'Iq (lu)tu'lu'bej.
    [There are certainly too many outsiders here.]

2a/ naDev nov 'Iqqu' (lu)tu'lu'bej.
    [There are certainly far too many outsiders here.]


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