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Re: text

lab Quvar:

>This text is for a klingon group in Danmark. (snip)
>...I think it's a nice challenge.

>qaDvam yItIv!

chaHvaD ghItlhHomvam vImughta' jIH je. {{:-D
ghItlhHom Damughta'bogh vIparHa' 'ach jaS 'op mu'tlheghmey

I glanced at the Devil and then closed my eyes.
>  {veqlargh vIleghDI' nom mInDu'wIj vISoQmoH.}

   nom veqlargh vIlegh. ghIq mInDu'wIj vISoQmoH.

>While my lids remained shut, I thought about the reason for shutting them.  
>  {SoQtaHvIS mInDu'wIj vISoQmoHmeH meq vIbuS.}

'ay'vam vItIv.

>It was to make sure that my vision had not deceived me.
>   {mutojbe'pu' mInDu'wIj 'e' vIbej vIneH}
>   {mutojbe'bejpu' mInDu'wIj vIneH}

   mutojpu'be' mInDu'wIj 'e' vItobmeH vISoQmoH.
   mutojpu'be' mInDu'wIj 'e' vItobmeH vIneH.

>I wanted to calm my fantasy, to see sober and clear.
>   {jIleghchu'meH yabwIj vIjotchoHmoH vIneH}

'ay'vam je vItIv 'ach jIchup:
   jIleghchu'meH najqu'bogh yabwIj vIjotchoHmoH vIneH.

   najqu'bogh yabwIj vIjotchoHmoH vIneH. SoghtaHvIS
   yabwIj jIleghchu' vIneH.

>That I now saw right I could not doubt:   {DaH jIleghchu' 'e' vIHonbe'}


>as soon as the light hit my betleH ...
>   {betleHwIj wovmoHDI' pemHov,

    wovmoHwI' tIHmeymo' wovchoHDI' betleHwIj,
   betleHwIj bochmoHDI' pemHov

(Do'Ha' light wIngu'laHbe'. HalDaj Delbe' ghItlhHom )

>...the dreamy stupor which controlled my senses disappeard and startled me 
>at once to life. ngab yabwIj SeHwI' ....

jIHvaD Qatlh 'ay'vam. jIchup:
    {...jInaj 'e' vImev, buDbe'choH porghwIj
     'ej SIbI' jIvangchoH.
    {...naj yabwIj 'e' mev, buDbe'choH porghwIj
     'ej SIbI' jIvangchoH.

    {...najbe'choH yabwIj, buDbe'choH porghwIj
     'ej SIbI' jIvangchoH.

jaS mugh Hoch mughwI' net pIH. ghItlhHomlIj vIlughmoH 'e' vIHechbe'.
qaq ghItlhHomwIj 'e' vImaqbe'. chaq muj 'op 'ay'mey.


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