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Re: "qel" yIqel

>Stephan Schneider schrieb:
> > how do you say: that's another topic. ?

There's an idiom in "Klingon for the Galactic Traveller" {may' bom pIm bom} 
"sing a different battle song" (pp. 118f.):

   This expression means "speak of another matter entirely". It is used when
   someone changes the topic or offers clarification on an existing one or
   when some new information comes to light. When uttered, it is frequently
   preceded by {DaH} ("now") or {toH} ("Aha!"). For example, if a Klingon
   warrior who has chosen to ignore a messenger bearing what he thinks will
   be an irrelevant communiqué finds out that the message is from the leader
   of the High Council himself, the warrior may say {DaH may' bom pIm Dabom}
   ("Now you sing a different battle song.")--that is, "Well, that's another
   matter altogether." The idiomatic meaning comes across regardless of who
   is said to be "singing" ({may' bom pIm wIbom}, "We sing a different battle
   song'; {may' bom pIm lubom} "They sing a different battle song," etc.).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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