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Re: naDev

>qon SuStel:
> >/naDev/ is a noun.  It is not an adverbial.

>SuStel's right. naDev means "hereabouts", "area around here". In fact,
>there's no reason at all that naDev couldn't be a subject or object.
>naDev vISovbe'. (paraphrased from TKD)
>I'm lost.

jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbe'
I'm lost. TKD (Useful Expressions)
(i.e. "I don't know the area around here that I'm at." [qoror])

>Dal naDev.
>It's boring around here.

{naDev} in canon:

"It is worth noting at this point that the concepts expressed by the 
English adverbs here, there, and everywhere are expressed by nouns in 
Klingon: naDev hereabouts, pa' thereabouts, Dat everywhere. These words may 
perhaps be translated more literally as "area around here," "area over 
there," and "all places," respectively. Unlike other nouns, these three 
words are never followed by the locative suffix [-Daq]." (TKD 27)

naDev puqpu' tu'lu'
There are children around here.
(Someone/something finds children here.) TKD

naDev tlhInganpu' tu'lu'
There are Klingons around here. TKD

naDevvo' yIghoS
Go away! TKD

meH, naDev qaS wanI' ramqu'.
Bridge, nothing happening here. ST3

HoD, naDev maH 'e' luSovbe'.
Captain, they don't know we're here. (MO's ST5 notes)

naDev vay' DaSov'a'?
Do you know anyone here? CK

naDev vay' vISovbe'.
I don't know anyone here. CK

naDevvo' jIleghlaHchu'be'.
I can't see well from here. CK

naDev bIHtaH.
Here they are. PK

naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'?
Can we get to the Great Hall from here? PK

naDev ghoS!
Come here! PK

naDev Dochvetlh qem!
Bring that here! (clipped pet command) PK

naDev Dochvetlh qemqu'!
I really mean it this time! Bring that here! (clipped pet command) PK

naDev juHlIjDaq cha'logh jISopneSchugh vaj jIquv.
It would be an honor to eat twice here at your house, your Honor. PK

naDev cha'maH cha' joQDu' tu'lu'
There are twenty-two ribs here.
(i.e. there is something out of the ordinary going on) KGT

naDev bIQumqa' 'e' vItul.
[untranslated note on MSN startrek.expert_forum (11/96)

naDev vIDab
I live here. (startrek.klingon [7/99])

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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