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RE: Hi :) And a question...

>jIHoH'egh vIneH.
>But like others have asked, why would you want to say that?

Mostly the question was out of curiousity. Thouch in my depression and anger 
I said that to someone once, in Klingon, but that person then came back 
telling me I was wrong and should use -qang and not neH, which started a 
disagreement between us. I am a beginner to Klingon and he has a little more 
experiance than I but I still could not accept that the only way to say it 
is "I am willing to kill myself".

-Beth Baisch
aka. tuftedpuffin aka. Heimdall

Tereo omorere-me martýs todwyn me-odygeren...

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