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RE: chotwI'/mang

>  > >  > vIt wISovlaHbe' 'e' vIt'e'.
>>  >
>>  >muHoH 'e' lunIDchugh, meqchaj vIqelbe'.  qorDu'wIj vIHub. 
>>  'utchugh  ghIjwI'
>>  >vIHoH.  !!ghIq!! meqchaj vIghoj 'e' vInID.
>>  maj. vebchu'(chuq) ta'meylIj. 'ach tagha' meqchaj vIghojchoH'a', pagh
>>  wej vIHoH'a'?
>Hmm, I'm not quite sure what you're saying.
>-(chuq) on veb?

i meant to say that you actions follow a perfect order. so it's ok to 
defend and to ask the reasons of the attack afterwards.

<veb> means AFAIK "to be the next in a sequence". the being next of 
you actions is perfect, so you actions are next to each other in a 
perfect way. but, one another. hence <-chuq>.

>"Do you finally start to learn their reasons, or do you not yet kill them?"

yes. (is the sentence grammatically wrong in klingon? should i have 
added some <-ta'>? i meant "did you finally start to learn their 
reasons, or haven't you killed them yet")

you said that you have to defend your family and, if necessary, kill 
the terrorists and after that you will learn their reasons.

'ach meqchaj DaghojchoHbe' 'e'law'. / 'ach meqchaj DaghojchoHbe' 'e' vIQub.
(but i think, you haven't begun to learn their reasons.)

chaq 'oHvaD taH cha' meq:
(two reasons for this are possible: / maybe there are two reasons:)

1. you are so busy killing them, that you haven't found the time to 
learn their reasons.
2. you personally didn't get to kill them yet, and so you wait to 
learn their reason, too.

latlh meq ghoj nuv mob 'e' Qatlhqu' 'e' vItulbe'.
(i fear it's much too difficult for a single person to learn the 
reason of the others. / i don't hope that it's really difficult that 
a single person learns the reason of the others.)

naDevHa' chaHtaH 'ej Hol rapHa'qu' jatlh 'ej Qobqu' 'op chaH.
(they are so far away and speak a very different language, and some 
of them are very dangerous.)

maHvaD Qapla''a' roj? DloraH, nuq DaQub?
(is peace possible for us? DloraH, what do you think?)


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