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qep'a' members list

The list of qep'a' HutDIch registered members, banquet attendees, and 
supporting members has been updated in a spiffy new format at 

If you think you should be on this list and you're not, this would be a good 
time to contact me and let me know.

The sharp-eyed among you might also notice an asterisk after several of the 
names of banquet attendees. These asterisks denote people who have made me 
aware of dietary restrictions, food allergies, and so forth. If this 
describes you and there isn't an asterisk by your name (whether or not you 
believe you've informed me already about your special needs) then this would 
be a very good time to contact me and let me know.

qep'a' HutDIch is now just 15 days away. 

The t-shirts have just come in and all I can say is 'IHqu'. 


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