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Re: similes

Am 16.07.2002 22:12:39, schrieb "David Trimboli" <>:

>on the first noun of a noun-noun construction, and that's a no-no according
"When the noun-noun construction is used, only the second noun can takey syntactic suffixes (Type5). 
Both nouns, however, may take suffixes of the other four types."
qatlh?! pabvam vIpar... ;-)

DaH vIghItlhta' jay'!
vIqaw, 'ej qawbej latlh je:
ben law' DuSaQDaq QaghDI' vay', Hutlogh pab ghItlh QaghwI' 'e' tlhob ghojmoHwI'

>ghaytanHa'.  choja' chetvI' chIm rur DujlIj.  qatlh?  tInmo'?  baS 'oHmo'?
>HoSghajmo'?  jISovbe': jIHvaD bIQIjpu'be'.
'e' vIHartaH. That's what I thought.

>It is my impression that Okrand provides us with a tool for constructing
>similies in KGT, rather than just giving us a listing of set, unalterable

So it's not like the idioms, that mean only what they mean.
When I say {qagh vIrur}, nobody thinks that I'm hungry. But we can change these expression like we want 
, as long as they follow the from of

*adjective-verb* ; *noun* rur
bIwov; parbIng Darur.
"you are as bright as a Parbing"



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