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Re: adverbs

From: "Agnieszka Solska" <>
> I don't know how helpful the "adverbial/adverb" distinction is when
> to Klingon. When discussing the grammar of English the terms "adverb",
> "noun", "preposition" etc. are normally used to indicate a type of word,
> i.e. a word's lexical category (a.k.a. a part of speech), while the terms
> "subject", "object", "adverbial", etc.  refer to the functions a word or
> phrase can perform in a sentence. (English) grammarians subdivide
> in many ways, e.g. "adverbials of time", "adverbials of place",
> of manner" etc.

vaj tlhIngan Holtej yIDa.  SaH wej mu' Segh: DIpmey; wotmey; chuvmey.
<naDev> <pa'> je bIH DIpmey'e'.  <nIteb> <DaH> je bIH chuvmey'e'.  bIbuv
DaneHchugh, Seghvam tIlo'.  DIpmey, wotmey, chuvmey.

Klingon linguists classify words into three types: nouns, verbs, and
everything else.

Stardate 2539.5

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