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Re: the banned book (was: Re: klingon letters)

ja' Voragh:
>The short answer is that Hetaq (the author) failed to ask Paramount's
>permission before he published and sold his book.

vIt Qatlh law' muchlIj mach Qatlh puS, 'ach ghu' vIQIjlaHbe'.  jI'umbe'.

>Paramount threatened to
>sue him for violation of their copyright - yes, the words "Star Trek" and
>"Klingon" are copyrighted here in the U.S.! - and Hetaq eventually agreed
>to withdraw the book from circulation rather than undergo lengthy and
>expensive litigation.  IIRC he thought that he would probably win at trial,
>but the lawsuit would surely have bankrupted him regardless of the verdict.

Qo'.  luj net pIHbej, tlhInganpu'Hey cha'mo' paq.  potlh "trade dress".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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