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RE: latlh "startrek" Quj

> > Does anyone know how to get the Star Trek Klingon game to work with
> > Windows XP?
> SKI:  Since I have Windows Me I can't use "the technical manual"
> and "omnipedia" anymore, it did work on Win95.

wa' De'wI' boghajlaw'.  jImIS.  De'wI' puS ghajbe''a' Hoch?
Q 95, Q 98, Q 2000, Q SDp, Linux je lo' De'wI' DaHwIj.

*naH vIghajbe' (wej), 'ach *naH ghaj loDnI'wI'.

You guys act like you have only one computer.  I'm confused.  Doesn't
everyone have multiple computers?
My home network uses W95, W98, W2000, WME, and Linux.

I don't have a MAC (yet), but my brother does.

DloraH, BG

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