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RE: KLBC: ghel

> jIlab: <<mughel Quvar>>. wot {ghel} lo'lu'taHvIS wot DoS DalaH'a' nuv?
> Can a person be the object of the verb {ghel}?

DoS DalaHlaw' nuv.
Sov Danejchugh yIghel.  vanglu' DaneHchugh yItlhob.
Sov DanejmeH bItlhoblaH je (lo'pu'mo' MO, chenpa' /ghel/ mu').

DoS Da nuv 'e' Daparchugh  -vaD mojaq Dalo'laH.

My view is:
A person is the object for both ghel and tlhob.
If you're looking for knowledge, you ghel "ask a question".
If you're asking for permission or asking someone to do something, you tlhob
"ask, request".
You are also able to tlhob when asking for knowledge, because MO happened to
use it that way, before we had ghel.

If you don't like that a person is the object you can use the -vaD suffix.

Read HolQeD December 98

DloraH, BG

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