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Re: Adverbs

mughel Quvar:

:qatlh mu'mey 'Iq?
:Why too many words?

QIn wa'DIch DaqontaHvIS bIQIj:

>For my dictionary, I made a list of adverbs.
>Yes, I know in Klingon they are treated as chuvmey, but *in english, they 
>are adverbs, so I list them like that* :-)

Well, you did say that the reason you listed those words together was that 
*in English* they are adverbs. As it happens, from the point of view of 
*English* grammar some of these words are not regarded as adverbs. That's 
why I wrote my message.

'ach ram DIvI' Hol pab. ram je permey lo'bogh tera' pab po'wI'pu''e'.
However, English grammar is irrelevant as is the nomenclature used by Terran 
experts on grammar.

:pa' mu' ghommey vIchen.
:There I form word-groups.

:Hoch De' lI' vItay'moH: Ha'DIbaHmey, yuQmey, pongmey,
:moHaqmey, latlh je.
:I collect useful information, like animals, planets,
:names, suffixes a.s.o

lI'ba' tetlhvammey. vIgher jIH je.
Lists of thematically related words are certainly useful. I compile them, 

:loQ Qagh mu'ghomwIj. 'ach tugh 'e' mevbej! }};-)
:There are still few mistakes in my dictionary. But this will be over soon.

mu'ghomlIj vISov. Doj.thIngan Hol mu' DIvI' Hol mu' je ngaS net pIH. 'ach 
latlh De' lI' ngaS je. mu' lo'meH mIw 'agh. lI'qu'bej.

I know your dictionary. It's impressive. It contains not only head words and 
their English equivalents, which is to be expected, but also useful 
information regarding those words and their actual use. It's very useful, 

:not DelmeH mu'meyvam vIQoy: coordinating conjunction
:I have never heard that discription.

tlhIngan jatlhwI'vaD ram pervam.
This label is not important for the speaker of Klingon.

DIvI' Hol qellu'taHvIS, mu'mey "and", "or" "but" luDellu'meH rut per 
"coordinating conjunction" lo' pab po'wI'.

mu'mey "because", "although" "while" latlh je luDellu'meH rut per 
"subordinating conjunction" lo' pab po'wI'.

'ach naDev rambej De'vam.

:chaq TKD VIlaDnISqa'.
:maybe I should read TKD again.

paqvam laDnISqa'bejtaH Hoch. vIlaDnISqa'bejtaH jIH je.

Everyone (myself included) definitely needs to continue re-reading this 

Qu'vatlh! moHqu'bej DIvI' Hol mu'tlheghvam jay'!


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