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Re: Translating vs. Thinking

> > If I remember correctly, Steve Krashen proposed a theory of language
> > learning similar to this; where students were not supposed to use the
> > language until they were confortable with it, until they could think in 
> >
> > And it does work, but it's extremely slow.  I doubt most people have to
> > patience to wait until they can think in the language; it takes so long 
> >
> > them to be able to think anything they actually want to communicate that
> > (in
> > my experience) this limiter on thoughts acts more as a discouragement 
> > an inspiration.
> >
>David Tracy Terrill and James Asher proposed the Natural Approach and Total
>Physical Response.

qonpa' Terrill, qon Krashen.  'ach mu'mey "Natural Approach" 'ogh Terrill.

>I do not completely agree with waiting 17 weeks while
>hearing the language before beginning to speak.  I learned Chinese
>(putonghua) at the Defense Language Institute by the Audio Lingual Method, 
>total immersion technique.  'ej mIwvam vItIvbej.

mIw "behavioralist" 'oH, qar'a'?  Hol ghojmeH mIw "behavioralist" vIpar.

>DaH cha' mIwmeyvam vIDuDchu'.  TPR ALM je bIH.  taghDI' ghojwI', Hol chu'
>lo'.  mu'tlheghmey pab ngeD qeq.  'ej Qaghmey lughmoH ghojmoHwI'.
>ghojchoHpu'DI', latlh mu'mey ghoj ghaH 'e' vIchaw'.  latlh pab chutmey 
>  'ach, potlhqu' wa' qech:  taghDI' ghojwI', Hol chu' lo'nIS 'ej lo'nIStaH.

TPR vIpar.  "Total" 'ay''e' vIpar.  naQbe' mIw DaDuDbogh 'e' vIQub.  'ay'mey 
Hutlh.  botlhvo' nger poQ.  'ay' "behavioralist"qu' ghaj, 'ej 'ay' 
"anti-behvioralist"qu' ghaj.  botlh 'ay' ghajbe'.

chaq DaDuDDI', botlh mIw moj.



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