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Re: grammar question

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> is there a difference?
> Sam = locate
> nejlI' = to search until the end

There certainly is!  /Sam/ means "seek and find."  It is neutral with
respect to aspect (it's not completed or in progress).  It implies that the
object of the verb is, in fact, found at some point.

/nejlI'/ means "search for continuously (with a definite stopping point)."
It is an action in progress.  It does not imply that the object of the verb
is indeed found, but neither does it prohibit this.  It also does not
necessarily imply that the finding of the object is the definite stopping
point.  (Maybe I have a time limit on my search, for instance: ngabpu'
lupDujHom.  'oH nejlI' 'entepray'.  'ach HovpoH cha' chorgh cha' wej vI'
chorgh mejnIS Duj.  "The shuttlecraft has disappeared.  The Enterprise is
searching for it.  But the ship needs to leave at Stardate 2823.8.")

Stardate 2531.7

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