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RE: qep'a'vaD SapwI'pu' vInej

> wej rIn lutHom.
> wej ghotpu' vInejlI', 'ej cha' ghotpu' vInejta'.

To me this looks like you need a total of 5 people.
The nejta' doesn't imply that you found them, only that you had searched;
maybe you gave up the search.  Sam is seek and find.

> ghot wejDIchvaD SuvwI'na' vIpoQ.
> ghaytan cha' maH mu'mey qawnIS SuvwI'vam. 'e' vInoH.
> The scene is not yet finished.
> I'm looking for three people, and I have found two.
> For the third person, I require a true warrior.

Is this fine print foreshadowing what this third person will need to endure?

> I estimate this warrior will likely need to remember twenty words.

Well, since I'm not planning anything else... ok.


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