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Re: looking for suggestions for klingon quote to best man

From: "Rob" <>
> Thank you all for the many GREAT suggestions!  I've wavered back and forth
> between a couple of them, but I think I've made my choice, would someone
> be willing to check the syntax of this and verify it is correct before I
> have it dumped to a vector formatted file and sent to the engraver?

There are two errors:

The first character of the third word should be produced in the font with a
capital K, not a capital Q.  The letters Q and q represent different sounds.

Delete the second character in the sixth word.  In the KLI font, the capital
letter C represents the Klingon sound ch.  The capital letter H represents
the Klingon sound H, which is not part of ch.

Furthermore, I would get rid of the little triangle at the end.  It's just
one sentence; who needs punctuation?  This system is totally unofficial

Here is how the sentence would be produced using the KLI font:


> PS, I took some liberty with the Stardate since there really is no way to
> convert them to actual dates.

Take a look at my own ideas, at

Stardate 2523.6

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