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RE: Klingon names

> My name's Chelsea, and I'm new to this list.
> If I'm to be speaking Klingon to you all--which I'm gonna have a heck of
> a time doing as it is--I suppose I should get a Klingon name for myself.
> How would one go about doing that?

Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH.  I am the one currently serving as the
list's Beginners' Grammarian.  It's my job to help the newbies.

When the KLI website gets back up, goto the FAQ.  There is a section there
about klingon names.

Basically, it's up to you; it's YOUR name.  Some people choose a name that
actually means something, some people choose a name that simply sounds cool,
some choose a name that has some other personal connection.

DloraH, BG

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