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RE: looking for suggestions for klingon quote to best man

ah actually i did have the correct spelling, i just entered it improperly 
when i typed my note.  as far as timing, well the sooner the better 
obviously :).
any particular reason it would take a long while to come up with 
something?  i mean, klingons arent known to be compassionate or thoughtful,
so if nobody can think of a quote then i guess ill have to write one myself 
with my limited skills (at least i own the dictionary :)) and perhaps
the grammar experts can help.  figured id try the quote route first since i 
could at least tell him where it was used. thanks!

At 08:42 PM 7/9/2002, DloraH wrote:
> > her to name one of the tables qamuSha' (hopefully I got that
>Uppercase H.  qamuSHa'.
>(And this will probably now start a dicussion (again) on that topic.)
> > I'm getting married in August, ...
> > I wanted to do was give him a bat'leth with something engraved on it.
>The wedding is in Aug; but how soon do you need this phrase to have the
>betleH on time?
>DloraH, BG ... and who's vows (his and hers) were done in klingon.

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