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RE: Ten Commandments

>qon Sangqar:
> >>mang jIHbe', 'ach mang 'oHpu' vavwI, cha' vavnI'wI' je, 'ej HoHnIS.
> >HIvqa' veqlargh!  <HoHnISpu'> 'oHnIS.  Hegh cha' vavnI'wI', 'ach yIntaH
> >vavwI', 'ej DaH HoHnISbe'.  not HoHnISqa' 'e' vItul.
>bIlughbe'pu'be'. ;)
>wanI' rIn'e' neH 'oS -pu' mojaq. 'op ret rInlaH, pagh DaH rInlaH, pagh 'op
>pIq rInlaH. Sovbe'lu'. Heghchugh chaH, vaj 'op ret qaSba' ta'meychaj. ret
>wanI'mey DelmeH pagh mojaq lo'lu'. jaS ret poH Del tlhIngan Hol 
>poH perlu'. ret poH, pIq poH ghap, DaHjaj poH ghap Delchu' wa' wot Sarbe'.
>HoHnISchugh vay', vaghmaHben qaSlaH, pagh vaghmaHnem qaSlaH. mISHa'moHlaH
>latlh De' neH.
>SKI: -pu' is not past.

choyajbe'law'.  As of the time of the rest of the discourse, the need for 
killing was complete; they no longer had to kill anyone (well, at least, not 
as a result of being a soldier, although as far as I know, none of them ever 
killed anyone at any other time).  Read the whole post, instead of just the 
correction; you'll see that the rest of the paragraph takes place in a 
certain time frame.  Relative to that time frame, the event {HoHnIS} was 
complete.  At that time (the time when they were soldiers), they needed to 
kill as part of their duties, but later (the time of the paragraph) that 
need was gone; it had been completed.  My grandfathers, being dead, clearly 
are no longer killing anyone, and even though my father in his capacity as 
an IRS auditor undoubtedly has the urge to kill sometimes, he no longer 
takes an M16 to work; that phase of his life is over, complete, done.  An 

lom chaH vavnI'wI', 'ej HoHnISbe'.  mang chaHpu', 'ej HoHnISpu'.

Hopefully, the fact that the verbs are the same in both sentences makes it a 
little more clear.  At the time of the paragraph, the state of being 
soldiers and needing to kill is complete.  Without the {-pu'}, the reader 
might be tempted to think my grandfathers have been impressed into some 
bizarre zombie army.  (Well, perhaps not, but the sentences would be 

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