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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

>>  > maj. tulwI' Hol bIjatlh'a'.
>>--> Hol Dajatlh'a'?
>the question-mark is not neccessary, as the 'a' marks the question, is it?

In Finnish, which forms questions similarly to Klingon (that is, yes/no 
questions are indicated by a suffix, although that suffix does not 
necessarily have to go on the verb in Finnish, and other questons are formed 
by replacing certain elements of the sentence with a question word), 
question marks are still included in the written language.  It also seems to 
be a list convention to use them.

>does a question in klingon has an other melody than a statement?

I was originally taught that Finnish did not change inflection for 
sentences, and for many people, this is true.  However, when I was living 
there, I noticed that many people (especially younger people) actually do 
change their inflection somewhat.  I would guess that it's not necessary to 
change the inflection for a question in Klingon, but that it's not 
specifically wrong to do so, either.

I would be interested to know whether there are questions on the audiotapes, 
and whether the speakers changed their inflection.

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