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Re: Ten Commandments

>From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>
>The word translated 'the Lord' in the KJV is actually the tetragrammaton, 
>the name of God.  IN Hebrew this is YHVH.  The vowel points of the BHS 
>indicate a pronunciation of YeHVaH (using lower-case vowels to indicate 
>vowel points).  The 'e' is actually a schwa (the 'a' in about), and the 'H' 
>is more like an English 'H' than a Klingon 'H'; even so, I would suggest 
>{yeHvaH} as a Klingon transliteration.

I think that "yeHvaH" would be an inappropriate transliteration, because the 
word was never intended to be pronounced as YeHVaH and actual the pointing 
in the word is unpronounceable (pointed with two vowels on the waw". The 
name is an example of "Qere Perpetuum" and is always read "'adonay, which 
means, "Lord". The Massoretes gave the name the pointing of "'adonay" to 
remind the reader that another word should be said in its place. Perhaps 
joH'a' would be better.

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