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Re: beachquestion #3

> Still sitting on the beach, thinking about klingon :-)
> My girlfriend left me.
> {mumej parmaqqaywI'}
> Can the verb {mej} take an object?

{lon} would likely be better.

> What about "quit"?
> {mubup'a'??}

{lon} would likely be better.

> She's gone.
> When I use {loj}, does it mean the same, or is that only used if the
> food on the table is "all gone"?

We don't know. I don't know that it's been used in canon enough to judge 
well, though voragh can solve that mystery. I'd probably tend to use {Dach} 
or perhaps more meaningfully {SaHbe'}, since both interpretations are 
appropriate in this setting.
> What is your opinion about the following:
> {mumobchoH}
>sounds wrong to me.


> Should be {jImobchoH} "I became alone"
> {mumobmoH} "she causes me to be alone"
> {mumobchoHmoH} "she causes me to become to be alone"
Each of these works to express slightly different meanings. My guess is 
that the last one most accurately expresses what you seek. 
> Who cares... nIteb SuvnIS DevwI'na'.

bIqarbe'. nIteb SuvnIS SuvwI''a', 'ach reH tlha'wI'pu' poQ DevwI'na'.


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