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RE: the banned book / BG

ghunchu'wI' wrote:
> >HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' malja'.
>I believe that {malja'} refers to the activity of transaction, not the
>entity which transacts:
>   batlh malja' wIHuq

{malja'} "business" has been used by Okrand three times.  Once in "Power 

   batlh malja' DaHuq.
   You transact business honorably. PK

{malja' per} "trademark" - literally "business label" - has been used twice:

   malja' permey
   Trademarks (ST:Communicator #104 [1995] as a section heading)

   Paramount Pictures malja' permey bIH Star Trek pong'e' Deghmey'e' je.
   "Star Trek" and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures.
   (SkyBox Copyright)

ghunchu'wI' is right:  We don't know whether {malja'} can refer to a place 
of business as in English.  However we do have {Suy} "merchant", which 
clearly refers to the person doing business.  So:

   Hetaq paq ngevga'law' Suy.

Some other business-related verbs you can use are {je'} "buy, purchase"; 
{ngev} "sell"; {DIl} "pay for"; {tlhong} "barter, bargain" and {mech} 
"trade".  Nouns include {laSvargh} "factory", {Huch} "money" and {HuchQeD} 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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