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Translation help

A shipmate of mine sent me this, and I could only translate bits and pieces, using my books. I'm not good enough to really translate it and just having bits and pieces ain't doing it.  Would someone help me?  Thanks!
Cat  >^..^<

Does anyone know the translation of this: 
nuqjatlh?!  ghawran HoH'a' wo'rIv jay?  chay'!  lutvetlh vIleghbe'ba'pu'. 
logh Hop Hut tengchaHDaq qaS'a'?
it was in response to my statement that I saw the re run ep "where Worf kills Gowron and appoints Martok ruler..."  The fellow seemed upset  by it saying "I must have missed that in ghe''or did the  story end up taking that turn?" 

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