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Re: subjects in complex sentences

ghItlh Voragh:

> But none of these counter-examples contain a SAO, which is what I thought we
> were discussing:  SAO's when the subject on both sides of {'e'} is identical. 
> In fact, I couldn't find any examples where Okrand introduces the noun first,
> pronoun second (though he sometimes uses pronouns only on both sides), which is
> why I thought the pattern worthy of mention. 

Yes, I noticed after I'd sent the message that all your
examples were SAO.  I would agree that the SAO
construction seems to require the noun coming
last.  Maybe because the V 'e' V phrase feels like
a single unit (even though I know it isn't):

{chargh 'e' ngIl SuvwI'} The warrior _dares to conquer_.
And of course, canon seems to indicate this is the
way MO does it, too.

In fact, {chargh SuvwI' 'e' ngIl} would to me imply
a different subject for {ngIl}: "He dares that (some
other) warrior conquer."

As for the other types of phrases, I still can't see
any significant difference between the two possibilities.

-- ter'eS

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