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Re: KLBC: Klingon distress call (updated)

> > maH nuHIvtaH jagh. maHegh 'ach DIrIQ. pechol 'ej DaHIv. bortaS chenobHa'.
> On reflection, I probably should have used some imperative prefixes. . .
> maH nuHIvtaH jagh. maHegh 'ach DIrIQ. HIchol 'ej tIHIv! bortaS ghonobHa'!

maj. 'ach cha' mu' vIchoH.

Just so others may be aware, you chose rIQ - injured.  
We also have QIH - Damage; and QID - wound.

rIQ is intransitive, so this would need -moH.  'ach DIrIQmoH.

QIH might be more appropriate if refering to ships.

>bortaS ghonobHa'

This implies that they will be taking back what they presumably have given.  
And this brings up the question, what do we do with revenge?  Do we tlhap, baj, 
jon, ta', chav, nob, jab, etc.?

DloraH, BG

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