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Re: pIqaD

> Well! It's beginning to look like pIqaD is at least becoming Paramount
> Hol.  Good news IMO,  maybe as it gets used more, the powers that be
> will canonize it.  It was all over the Klingon ship in this weeks
> Enterprise episode.

Hey, these symbols are the same symbols we use when we write klingon here, that 
must mean that I'm writing in klingon right now.  uh, no, wait; These 
characters are refered to as Arabic, so that means we're all writing Arab.  uh, 

The font that we have for our computers is very SIMILAR to the symbols used on 
the show.  If you look closely you will see that they ARE different.  Someone 
changed some of the symbols, added some more, and yes, kept some the same; they 
then assigned the symbols to the letters / letter groups.  This was done UN-
offically.  But because it is all we have, many accept it.

The Parmount symbols have been 'all over the ship' in several episodes.  They 
mean nothing.  They are random.

>   I sure was wishing I was a lot farther along in tlhIngan Hol, so I
> could have understood more of what they were saying.    So, how well did
> they do on this episode?

An expert in Chinese wouldn't understand a Frenchman pretending to speak 

If you were skilled in klingon, you still wouldn't have understood them.

> PS,  Is  any one using vIghro' for their name?  If not would it be an
> acceptable name for me?

Nobody has written to this list with that name.  As far as I know, you would be 
the only one.

DloraH, BG

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