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Re: pIqaD

Yes,  there IS a /pIqaD/.  The problem is, WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
You say you use /pIqaD/.  How?  By using what you find on the KLI's website?
That's pretty and all, but it's not THE /pIqaD/ talked about in TKD.  It's
just the known symbols used in a way that some guy threw together.

Well! It's beginning to look like pIqaD is at least becoming Paramount Hol.  Good news IMO,  maybe as it gets used more, the powers that be will canonize it.  It was all over the Klingon ship in this weeks Enterprise episode.
  I sure was wishing I was a lot farther along in tlhIngan Hol, so I could have understood more of what they were saying.    So, how well did they do on this episode?

vIghro'  ( Cat  >^..^< )
PS,  Is  any one using vIghro' for their name?  If not would it be an acceptable name for me?

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