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> DloraH is expecting a baby boy.
> Object/Verb/Subject
> Object             DloraH
> Verb               expecting         pIHwI'
> Subject            baby boy          ghu loDHom

The object is the one that the action is being done to.  The one that's
doing the action is the subject.
DloraH is the one doing the expecting.  He is the subject.

Object - ghu
Verb - pIH "expect"
Subject - DloraH

> DloraH pIHwI' ghu loDHom
> wI' (one who is) - expecting)

The verb suffix -wI' turns a verb into a noun.

qet - run  (verb)
qetwI' - runner, one who runs.  (noun)

ghItlh - write  (verb)
ghItlhwI' - writer, one who writes, or a thing that writes.  (noun)

jor - explode  (verb)
jorwI' - explosive, thing that explodes.  (noun)

ghu pIH DloraH - "DloraH expects a baby."

Try this one jatyIn...
"jatyIn is pregnant"

DloraH, BG

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