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RE: KLBC: T'Anna/ nu translation

--- [email protected] wrote:
> > > Now, on a topic of your choice, try a three word
> > > sentence, like these that we've been doing for a
> while.
> > 
> > :)I love children.
> > :)puqpu' vIbang.
> Careful.  bang is listed as a noun, "love; loved
> one" refering to (most likely) 
> a person.  My wife is my love, my loved one.
> puqpu' for "children" is correct, and the prefix vI-
> is correct.
> Klingon doesn't have (as far as we know) a direct
> translation for "love"; plus 
> in english it has so many meanings.  We have par
> "dislike" and parHa' "like".  
> So some people use this same pattern with muS "hate"
> and get muSHa' "unhate" 
> which could be read as "love"; but some people don't
> like it.  Later on when we 
> get deeper into the language you will learn to
> -describe- your love, express 
> your feelings instead of simply "I love you".
> > :)My family name is Kirk.
> > :)Kirk pongwI' qorDu'.
> This sentence needs a verb.  In TKD you will find a
> section that talks 
> about "pronoun as to-be".
> tlhIngan maH - we are klingon.  The pronoun maH "we"
> is being used as a 
> verb "we are".
> When pronouns are used in this way, if there is a
> noun in the Subject slot, you 
> have to add the suffix -'e' on the subject.  Now
> before I loose you here, let's 
> look at some examples.
> Kirk 'oH qorDu'wIj pong'e'  -  The name of my
> family, IT is Kirk.
> HoD ghaH Qanqor'e'  -  Kranqor, HE is the captain.
> veQ 'oH Dujchaj'e'  -  Their ship is trash.
> See how this works?
> Also, you used the suffix -wI' for "my".  You are
> refering to a name, not an 
> actual person, so you should use -wIj.
> If you want to we can cover this more when I'm not
> at work, or we can put it 
> off for another day.
:)Sure I understand.  We may cover this at another 
:)time.  Although I had been wishing to learn how to 
:)say, the above phrase. 
> > :)I like Vulcans.
> > :)vulqanganpu' vIparHa'.
> Change the "c" to a "q" and you have this one
> correct!
> Wow.  This was quite a lesson, huh?  But you're
> learning.
> DloraH, BG

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