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Re: pIqaDqoq ?

From: <>
> >If you wrote something in the KLI's
> >pIqaDqoq and handed it to a Klingon.....
> pIqaDqoq ?   What does -qoq do to the word pIqaD?  Or, what does pIqaDqoq

/-qoq/ is a Type 3 noun suffix that means "so-called."  The usual example is
/rojqoq/ "so-called peace."  You think the peace doesn't really exist.  It's
a noun qualifier.

I used /pIqaDqoq/ because while the system on the KLI's site calls itself
/pIqaD/, it's not REALLY the /pIqaD/ spoken of by Okrand.

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