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Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhatlh (n)

lab Voragh:

: In fact, "borsh(t)" is an excellent example of the problem
: of spelling alien foods:  Strictly speaking you should spell
: it "borsch", "borshch", "borschch", etc. (without a "t")
: if you're talking about the Russian or Ukrainian variety,
: and "borsht" or "borscht" (with a "t") if the Jewish.

: (And isn't there also a Polish version: barszcz?)

HISlaH, chatlhvam lu'oSmeH mu' "barszcz" lulo' *Polish Hol
jatlhwI'pu'. Soch *lettermey ghaj mu'vam 'ach vagh QIch wabmey
neH: b+a+r+S+ch.


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