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I have read Lawrence's article "Some Comments on Orthography"  on the KLI site as well as what little Mark wrote concerning pIqaD in TDK.  
A direct quote from TDK, pg 11:
"There is a native writing system for Klingon (called pIqaD) which seems to be well suited to the various dialects"    More follows, but AFAIAC this one comment by Okrand made pIqaD official in MY mind.   The key word being 'is'.  Not 'might be' or 'could be' or 'may be'.  What follows in that page 11 paragraph seems to open doors for more 'discoveries' about the Klingon writing system.   I used pIqaD to write the words tlhIngan Hol on the cover of a study book I made for myself.
So maybe if someone did write a note to a Klingon using pIqaD he wouldn't be able to read it.... but I would.  I might not be able to understand it, but I could read it, just as I used to be able to read quite a bit of Japanese, but didn't understand much of it. 
    My hope for the future of pIqaD is that symbols such as we use in English  %, $, and & to convey whole words or ideas, and punctuation will eventually be added to the system. 
Cat  >^..^<  

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