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RE: qepHom, qep, qep'a'


> For what it's worth, I've always considered {HISlaH} to be something Okrand 
> wrote to backfit something an actor said who couldn't pronounce {HIja'}, and 
> {'a} always sounded distinctly unKlingon, considering it is one of perhaps half 
> a dozen Klingon words ending in a vowel and seems entirely too common a word to 
> deserve such an exceptional pronunciation. I've always said {'ach}.

I've always written <'ach>, and I ususally use it when speaking, but I've found found that many speakers, including Qov and HoD Qanqor, tend to use <'a> in conversation, as do I when I'm speaking quickly or I'm excited.

I do occasionally use <HISlaH> when I'm trying to be precise, but I generally stick to <HIja'>. 


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