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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

In a message dated 1/27/2002 9:23:57 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> qep'a' isn't just for
> people who already speak Klingon.  It's an event for people of all skill
> levels, including total beginners who just barely know how to look things
> up in the dictionary.  A few days among others who share a similar twisted
> passion for the language is a *tremendous* inspiration, and even a complete
> newcomer will find plenty of people willing to help him or her with the
> basics.
> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

jIQochbe'.  QaQqu' qechvam.  All should practice tlhIngan Hol at every qep, 
qepHom and qep'a' possible.  Hope to see lots of Klingons July 31st.


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