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RE: KLBC: T'Anna/ nu translation

> > We already know the verb we want is Such "visit".
> > Now we attach the prefix
> > vI- to it; we get vISuch.
> >
> > Now we can put this into our sentence.
> > rIvSo' vISuch jIH - "I will visit the embassy."
> >
> :)Ok, just to make sure I understand this correctly.
> :)Although we use jIH for I, we still need to use vI-
> :)in front of the verb Such because the subject
> :)*embassy* is an it am I correct?

I was going to get into this later, but I will explain it now.

You have to have the prefix.  The prefix tells who the subject is, if there
is an object, and what the object is. (within the terms of

Pronouns are the part that is optional.

rIvSo' vISuch - "I will visit the embassy."

Because the prefix is telling you that the subject is "I", you don't need to
put jIH in there.

Including the pronouns (jIH, SoH, etc) adds emphasis.
rIvSo' vISuch jIH - this emphasizes that it is "I" that will be visiting the
embassy, instead of possibly someone else going.

puq DaqIp - "you hit the child."
puq DaqIp SoH - "It was YOU that hit the child!"

DloraH, BG

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