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Re: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

jatlh peHruS:
>I would be careful, too, about phrases such as {X-Daq lengwIj}.
>We just "cannot" have a genitive phrase containing a locative.


>I suggest 
>{New YorkDaq vIlengpu'} or something similar.

jIyajbe'.  Does {leng} take a direct object, or not?  Even if it does, I 
would be confused by {New YorkDaq vIlengpu'}, as it seems to be saying "In 
New York, I travel to it".  Travel to what?

>Daj lutlIj.  vItIvbej.

jIbel.  pIj vIghItlh.

lut 'IH vIchenmoHDI' DIvI' Hol vIlo'taHvIS, QatlhlaH, 'ach tlhIngan Hol 
vIlo'taHvIS, qaDna' 'oH Qu''e'.

It can be hard enough to write effective prose in English, but in Klingon 
it's a true challenge.

(Was that last sentence even close?  I didn't have an example of how to use 
{Qatlh}  in reference to an action.)


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