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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

I stand corrected on the spelling of canon.  That is
what I was trying to say.  Not everything, Officially,
written in the TKD is canon, according to Star Trek
faans.  Although, I was trying to make a point.  The
point is that some people will probaly use Ford's
language, but more often than not they will use
Okrand's Language.  & until either language is used,
completely on t. v. or in the movies, what is used is
the only part that will be considered canon.  So
what's the big deal.
--- Qov <> wrote:
> lab charghwI':
>  > The word "canon" is spelled "c-a-n-o-n" not
> "cannon". The former is 
> something > you accept as from a reliable authority.
> The latter is a gun, 
> typically too large
>  > to carry without mechanical assistance. Anything
> written or spoken by Dr.
>  > Marc Okrand is canon. He invented the language we
> call tlhIngan Hol.
>  > Anything else is not canon.
> charghwI' is perfectly correct with respect to
> tlhIngan Hol, but it must be 
> noted that the KLI has no monopoly on the use of the
> word "canon."
> Star Trek fans, as opposed to Klingonists, use
> "canon" to describe that 
> which has appeared on screen in one of the TV shows,
> excluding the animated 
> series, or one of the movies.  Star Trek books,
> while interesting to some 
> and reviled by others, are not canon Star Trek. 
> Information cut from 
> scripts, like Saavik being half Romulan, are not
> canon Star Trek.  The 
> Klingon Dictionary, while Paramount sanctioned, and
> used in movies, is not 
> Star Trek canon.  Only those lines of dialogue
> actually appearing in the 
> finished versions of movies are Star Trek canon.
> Klingonists use "canon" to describe tlhIngan Hol
> published or officially 
> proclaimed by Marc Okrand.  TKD is tlhIngan Hol
> canon.  KGT and TKW are 
> tlhIngan Hol canon.  New words and grammar explained
> by Mark Okrand in an 
> interview for HolQeD is tlhIngan Hol canon.   To be
> fair to Marc, what he 
> scrawls in autographed books, or what he mutters in
> the restaurant at 
> qep'a', should probably not be considered tlhIngan
> Hol canon.  The point 
> is, only one person makes up new tlhIngan Hol, and
> he should be given the 
> opportunity to think things over, and the freedom to
> practice his own 
> language without his mistakes being canonized!
> Someone made the point about there being two
> different usages of the word 
> canon, in an earlier post, but it was at the end of
> a long post and may 
> have been missed.

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